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A roof is more than the sum of its parts. Somehow, of those shingles, nails, and pieces of flashing come together to create a durable barrier that prevents water from making its way into your home. Your roof is your main line of protection against storms, high winds, and even flying branches. As such, don't you think it deserves great treatment? You can take better care of your roof by keeping your gutters clear, addressing moss issues promptly, and having shingles replaced as soon as they go missing. Read more on this website, and find a reliable roofer to work with you, too.


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4 Reasons Asphalt Shingle Roofing Could Be A Good Choice For Your Home

You may not think much about roofing until it's time to get a new roof for your home. Then you may wonder about what type of roofing you should buy. When you look around, you'll probably notice that asphalt shingle roofs are among the most popular with homeowners. Here's a look at why asphalt shingles are so common and why you might want them for your new roof.

1. Asphalt Shingles Are Easier On Your Budget

One of the main reasons asphalt roofs are so popular is that they are the most affordable. Clay tile or slate roofs may be more luxurious, but you have to pay a lot more for them. Asphalt shingles come with different prices since you can buy luxury shingles too, but when you need a roof on a tight budget, basic three-tab shingles may be the right choice for you.

Basic shingles are the least expensive but they still provide adequate protection for your home. While they may not last as long as other options, such as metal or concrete, you don't have to pay as much upfront for a new roof when you choose asphalt shingles.

2. Asphalt Shingles Are Easy To Repair

Another benefit of asphalt shingle roofing is that the shingles are easy to repair. You may be able to repair or replace shingles yourself if you have basic home improvement skills. Cracks in shingles can be filled and sealed, and replacing a bad shingle is as easy as pulling it out and nailing a new shingle in its place. This makes it easy to keep up with roof repairs and helps keep maintenance costs low.

3. Quality Shingles Resist Fire And Impact Damage

If you live in an area where hail is common or where brush fires happen occasionally, you probably want a roof that provides the best protection for your home. When you're picking out shingles, look for quality brands that have high ratings for fire resistance and impacts. High-quality shingles are thicker and sturdier than basic shingles, and they offer better protection.

4. Asphalt Shingles Can Mimic Other Roofing

If you love the look of clay barrel tiles but you don't have the budget for them, consider asphalt shingles made to look like clay tiles. Asphalt shingles come in different colors and shapes, so they don't all look like basic three-tab shingles. You can have a roof that looks like slate tile, barrel tiles, or even wood shakes, but it's actually made of asphalt shingles. Of course, you could always stay with basic tiles, and even then, you have quite a variety when it comes to colors for the roofing.

Asphalt shingle roofing is so common and popular because of its affordability, ease of installation, ease of repair, and its ability to protect your home well. You can't go wrong with an asphalt roof, and if all the other homes in your neighborhood have shingle roofs too, your new roof will blend right in and that helps your home be more appealing to future buyers.

For more information on asphalt shingles, reach out to a local roofer.